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Results of the second reddit ad campaign

For the second month in a row, I promoted the Podcast of the Month on reddit by purchasing a $50 ad. The first ad targeted subscribers of just ...
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Reddit ad for Plumbing the Death Star podcast - cropped 200x200

Results of the first reddit ad campaign

Last month, I promoted Plumbing the Death Star (September's Podcast of the Month) on reddit by purchasing a $50 ad in /r/starwars. The ad got over ...
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top podcasts from last month featured

More ways to get featured and improved podcast refreshing

Over the last few weeks, I've been working on improving the site by giving podcasters even more ways to be featured and tightening up the website ...
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ShortOrange logo

Podcast Land and ShortOrange team up

ShortOrange, the online podcast player, and Podcast Land are joining forces to make finding and listening to podcasts even more enjoyable. Sho...
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Help and support question mark

What should I work on next for Podcast Land?

I'm creating my schedule for the next few weeks and I'd like to know what the community wants me to work on next for Podcast Land. Below are some ...
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the amount of fake votes is too damn high

Changes to the voting system

Summary: There's been a large increase in fake votes so I put in tougher filters and features to prevent fake votes. It's been a few months ...
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How to get your podcast featured as “Another Great Podcast”

There's a new way for your podcast to be featured on Podcast Land. You're probably already familiar with how to become Podcast of the Month and how ...
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piggy bank

Podcasters: earn money during the holidays in creative ways

Halloween is almost here and it's a great time to use your Amazon affiliate account and earn money with your podcast. Create a page on your website ...
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more subscription options

More subscription options

Yes, iTunes is the single biggest way people listen to podcasts but that doesn't mean there aren't other podcatchers out there. I just added 3 more ...
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Podcast Land

First Podcast of the Month has been picked and more news

The launch of the site has been going really well. So far, over 1,000 votes have been cast! It's gotten a great reception over at /r/podcasts and ...
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