These are times of turbulence and trouble, but also of jubilance and exhilaration. You have possibly been called to this site because you question reality as it has been presented to you by your society and your peers. "We are indeed birthing a new and transcendent planetary reality. We are in the birth canal, compressed and at times constrained - at times feeling propulsed forward by forces unseen. But it is normal birth, no complications, really...head first...Head first. Our minds, if not perhaps our intellects, are capable of perceiving, albeit dimly, what lies before us. The body has yet to come...We are capable of accepting that our minds are One with God, with the Divine and the Infinite...And our bodies? That of Mother Gaia? The Shekhinah...? The Divine Feminine? Shall she be forbidden entry to the New Planetary Reality? If she is, this new infant will be stillborn; all rejoicing will have been premature and all hope, vain and ephemeral."

The series of visualizations that you will find here has been designed so my voice will help the cells of your body release layers of belief in separation and duality that act as clouds... shadows... around the core of Light that is their highest potential and your true nature.

With guidance from the spirit realms and the Ancestors present in your body, I call upon you to remember your wholeness, beauty and perfection, encouraging joyful responsibility and active serenity in the embodiment of your destiny as the Living Grail.

It is such a great honour to be incarnate on our Earth now...Awake and rejoice. It is time for you to Shine

Please start with these exercises slowly, and feel intuitively when they have been integrated. Those of you who have studied with me previously will find the images and the sensations familiar. Enjoy

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