Highly-acclaimed former homicide detective Christine Mannina opens up her most riveting and compelling cases that have haunted her for decades. They include homicides, aggravated assaults, robberies, suicides, and domestic violence. Over successive episodes, Mannina takes you on a minute-by-minute ride from the beginning of the dispatch call to the guilty verdict. In the middle, is the blow by blow story as she attempts to bring justice for the victims and closure for their families. Mannina relives every aching and relentless moment as she sits on the other side of the “interview room” table to share the emotional and psychological rollercoaster with an interviewer. Curiosity and intuitive questions take listeners on a journey with reenactments of the most compelling aspects of the cases; first-person accounts by the people affected; and a chance to try their hand at solving the case with Mannina’s investigative and interrogation tactics learned along the way. As the story develops, evidence is uncovered and characters are introduced, you will be asking yourself, like Mannina: “Are You My Suspect or My Witness?” *All of the cases have been adjudicated

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