Would you consider yourself an introvert? Do you have a million thoughts running through your head before bed? Don't worry, I got you. All your late night thoughts and discussions will now happen with me (Ronnie B) on this here podcast! Join me every morning or night to analyze our thoughts and discuss trendy topics. We will discuss everything from what's new every week, daily coronavirus updates, relationships with the Love Doctor, music, movies and so much more. This podcast will be the place you go when you have no where else to go especially for my fellow introverts who stay up all night with those loud thoughts. This is a safe place. You can relax and free your mind. Whatever it may be just remember, #WeGonTalkAboutIt. Follow us on twitter: @introverted_pod and for the people looking to create a podcast, use this link https://www.buzzsprout.com/?referrer_id=957817 for special deals!

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