Martial arts Grandmaster Kam Yuen, Doctor of Chiropractic and former aerospace engineer, was the consultant and stunt coordinator for the original television series ‘Kung-Fu’, starring David Carradine. In his book, Spirit of Shaolin, Carradine heralded Dr. Yuen as the inspiration for his heroic main character.

During this time period, Grandmaster Yuen was a pioneer and an avid proponent of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qigong, and Fengshui. His skill was of such caliber that his peers, along with other martial arts masters, granted Kam Yuen the prestigious title Grandmaster of Shaolin Kung-Fu. The World Black Belt Organization still calls him a ‘Living Legend’.

For the last twenty years, however, the retired Grandmaster has successfully treated over 300,000 patients who were suffering from acute or chronic health conditions and life issues. Using a methodology he synthesized from Taoist practices, his martial arts experience and Chiropractic studies, Dr. Yuen has taken wellness and everyday living to new levels.

A worldwide keynote speaker, Dr. Kam Yuen is a consultant, author, seminar leader, teacher, life coach and healthcare expert of high regard. There are over 15,000 practitioners of the Yuen method, representing a diverse cross-section of the world’s population

Many universities and centers for spiritual development have hosted Dr. Yuen, including Stanford, The Deepak Chopra Center and Kaiser Permanente. His travels have taken him to chiropractic, naturopathic, and acupuncture schools on four continents: Europe, Canada, Brazil, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Japan, and the Philippines.

Grandmaster Yuen has appeared on the ‘Jay Leno Show’, plus he has been featured on other TV programs such as ‘Hardcopy’, ‘Extra’, and ‘Strange Universe’. David Carradine says it best: “My master, Kam Yuen, is the 35th descendant, not by blood but by teaching, from that very monk who got kicked out of the Shaolin monastery for suggesting that information be made public. And then this guy, the 35 descendnt of that master, what does he do but teach me. And I put that on television."

Other well known celebrities who have consulted with Dr. Yuen are Mrs. Martin Luther King, Stevie Wonder, Dick Gregory, Robert Deniro, Keith Carradine, Morgan Fairchild, Seal, Steven Seagal, Paula Abdul, Jack Canfield, Dan Millman, Chuck Norris, Louise Hay, Michael Beckwith.

Not content with his own level of expertise, however, Dr. Yuen is always refining his own technique of pain relief. His books are a straightforward study of the Yuen method. They broadcast and mirror his own technique and skill level: Instant Rejuvenation, Instant Healing and Instant Pain Elimination.

There is a reason why Dr. Yuen is such a successful entrepreneur and real estate investor. There is a reason why professionals from all walks of life take his seminars, consult with him for wellness purposes and hire him as a life coach. Dr. Kam Yuen gets results.

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