piggy bankHalloween is almost here and it’s a great time to use your Amazon affiliate account and earn money with your podcast. Create a page on your website with costumes ideas and talk about it on the show.

For Keith and The Girl (the podcast I work with), I picked silly, fun and sexy costumes ideas but you can pick whatever works best for your show. If you have a show about drinking beer, find costumes like a beer wench, a pint of the good stuff or something else beer related. The point is to create a conversation about Amazon products so people will visit the page and click to Amazon so you can earn affiliate revenue (like I just did with the beer costumes).

Make the link easy to find. Podcasts suffer the same problem as radio, ads on the shows aren’t clickable so you’ve got to make it easy for listeners to visit the page. On Keith and The Girl, I made our link simple to remember: http://KATG.com/amazon. That page is used throughout the year to promote products on Amazon so listeners will easily remember it. For your site, make it something similar, like example.com/halloween or example.com/amazon. Also,put an Amazon search bar there and encourage listeners to visit the page throughout the year.

If you’re not releasing a show in time for Halloween, remember this idea for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, etc. Remember to plan ahead and have this ready in time for the holiday.

This works for other affiliate programs too. If you have an iTunes affiliate program, you can pick spooky sounds for Halloween. Play them on the show and link people to a page that has those sounds and more. Of course, those sounds will link to iTunes using your affiliate code so you can earn. For Thanksgiving & Christmas, suggest to your listeners that they get holiday songs to play while their family is over.

The underlying idea is to give your listeners content along with the ad. This way, even if they’re not in the market to buy a costume, they’ll still enjoy listening to that part of the show and visit the page to see what you were talking about.

Of course, stay FTC complaint and let your listeners know that you earn money on these links. Don’t try to hide it, your fans will be happy to use the links and support you!

Do you have other ideas for earning money on podcasts? Let me know in the comments.