starThere’s a new way for your podcast to be featured on Podcast Land. You’re probably already familiar with how to become Podcast of the Month and how votes help you rise up in the ranks on the homepage and category pages. Today, I’m announcing another great way for podcasts of all sizes to be featured on the site with the “Another Great Podcast” section.

Another Great Podcast is a new feature of the side panel, just below the Podcast of the Month. This new area will feature a different podcast each time the page loads. To be added in the rotation of featured podcasts, you just need to get 5 votes for the current month. Once you get your 5 votes, your podcast will have an equal chance to be shown to new listeners. In other words, it’s a level playing field. It doesn’t matter if a podcast received 5 or 500 votes, they’ll all be featured equally.

Why 5 votes? With over 250,000 podcasts, I had to limit the number of featured podcasts somehow. I figure that 5 votes is an achievable number by anyone who’d like to be featured.

Start early. Since the requirement is to have 5 votes for the month, it’s best to get those votes as early in the month as you can. At the beginning of the month, the votes reset. That means that fewer people are in the “Another Great Podcast” rotation at the start of the month and your podcast is more likely to be featured more times at the beginning of the month.

More on the way.  This feature is just one more way I’m building Podcast Land to help people discover your podcast. You work on making a great podcast, I’ll work on making sure people hear about it!