top podcasts from last month featuredOver the last few weeks, I’ve been working on improving the site by giving podcasters even more ways to be featured and tightening up the website code.

Starting today, each page will feature one of the top podcasts from the previous month at the top of the site. The top right of each page will randomly display a podcast to encourage more people to discover the show.

I’ve also improved some of the under-the-hood features of the site. For instance, from time to time, podcasters update their pictures and descriptions. The old code would take a while to show the new information and, in some cases, their information might never even update. After today, show details will refresh within 24 hours.

Another example of improvements are how shows are ranked on the sub-category pages. In the past, they just showed the top shows of the month and random others. Now, they take into account total votes over many months. This helps with smaller categories which don’t have many shows competing each month. So, if your show only gets a few votes each month, it could still be top ranked within a sub-category.

More improvements are on the way. I’m working hard to bring more listeners to the site so they’ll discover all these great shows!