Last month, I promoted Plumbing the Death Star (September’s Podcast of the Month) on reddit by purchasing a $50 ad in /r/starwars. The ad got over 50,000 impressions resulting in 225 clicks to the show and costing $0.22/click. According to reddit, that’s pretty good for reddit ads. You can see the complete results of the ads with these two screen shots.

reddit september ad part 1 reddit september ad part 2

Based on this success, I’m going to run an ad for October, November and December Podcast of the Month winners. I’m also going to work on promoting the top 5 runner ups in the ads. Of course, all ads will be bringing more traffic to Podcast Land, so, even if you don’t get featured directly, you’ll still get more exposure being on the site.

Let me know what you think of the ads and if you have any ideas for improving the results.