Elizabeth Clare Prophet, modern mystic and pioneer in New Age spirituality, answers more than 300 questions about the Teachings of the Ascended Masters in weekly 15-minute podcasts offering insights into life’s deepest mysteries and secrets of the mystical paths of the world’s religions.

Accelerate your journey to enlightenment with questions like:

What do Jesus and Saint Germain have in common? Everybody can become the Christ or the Buddha, how many have succeeded? Who are the ascended masters?

What is the Chart of Your Divine Self?

What were the "lost years" of Jesus and how did he learn about the Buddha? Is everybody both masculine and feminine at the same time?

What about twin flames, soul mates and karmic marriages? How do we raise our sacred energies?

Can we command God? How to effect positive change using the creative power of sound, decrees and the Science of the Spoken Word. Did Jesus use mantras? How can we overcome bad habits? What is the path of initiation?

Is it possible to end physical death? What is resurrection and ascension? Is immortality possible?

Is physical healing and spiritual wholeness the same thing? Is instantaneous healing possible?

What is it like to visit an etheric retreat of the masters and how do you get there? What does the flame in the heart have to do with the path of discipleship in the Aquarian age?

What are the seven rays, chohans, colors and qualities? What do the seven rays have to do with the seven chakras? Who is El Morya? How do we know what the will of God is for us? How can someone in the West profit by the wisdom of the East? What is the relationship between love and art? Who is Serapis Bey and what are the requirements for the ascension? What about agnostics and atheists? How great is the power of prayer?

How the Great White Brotherhood is about light, not race. Ancient black history of the violet race in Africa.

Become the Buddha? Why isn’t reincarnation primarily an Eastern idea. The difference between what Jesus taught his disciples and what he taught to the world at large. Does reincarnation take away the sense of personal responsibility? What happens to people who will not take responsibility for balancing their own karma? Don't people go to heaven or hell?

What happened to the real meat of Christ's teaching? Can the soul die? Does the Spirit die? How do we know that Jesus intended us to be like him?

Do you see the aura in Kirlian photography? Does the aura ever lie? What do the colors of the aura mean? What’s the difference between that intuitive feeling we get about each other, ESP and reading the aura?

If all people are created equal, why are there people of such light and darkness on earth? What role do angels play in determining the nature of our auras? How can we strengthen our aura? How can we unlock the creativity and mastery that are the energy and consciousness of God? What about guilt? How have people become alienated at subconscious levels? What is the true meaning of destiny?

How did Mary prepare to be Jesus’ mother in her previous embodiments? Is Atlantis real? What do you mean when you talk about the Coming Revolution in higher consciousness?

Is Saint Germain's message for all or just the few who are into mystical teachings? What does the violet flame and the seventh ray have to do with the Aquarian Age. Is it possible for someone with lesser attainment than Jesus or Saint Germain to use the laws of alchemy?

What is the meaning of the word evil? How does the practice of alchemy affect the law of supply and demand? How do you know what God's will is? How can we put this knowledge of the will of God to work for alchemy and for change in our lives? .


Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Mark Prophet, Summit Lighthouse, Summit University

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