We are the Devil’s Advocates. We guarantee two things to our listeners: our show will offend you, and will make you laugh. If you’re sick of hearing podcast after podcast with descriptions like “a bunch of friends sitting around drinking and talking about video games, comics and movies” then you may have come to the right place. We talk about taboo and controversial subjects. We present unorthodox opinions, and our show is a style of content you won’t hear anywhere else. We have guests ranging from comedians to porn stars. We will ENTERTAIN you- that’s why we’re here. We’ll tell you about things you may not be aware of, or make you see things from a point of view you never have, and the dark humor of our show will actually make you laugh, if you can stomach it. So if you want to listen to something unique, messed up, and above all else something that actually entertains you, then listen to us. Otherwise, go enjoy The Nerdist with Chris Hardwick and live your bland life in peace.

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