The Best Mom Products Show with host Rachel Olsen is comprised of interviews where mom entrepreneurs and experts share their experiences on how they started their business - what worked, didn't work, mistakes to avoid and some inspiration along the way ... all while managing family.

Each interview takes you through some aspect of the entrepreneurial journey including AHA moment, product/website design & production, finding capital, marketing, public relations and sales.

Types of Interviews: Baby/Kid Products, Building Online/Offline Communities, Technology Products/Apps, Manufacturing, Online Marketplaces.

Real life, real start-up experience – candidly shared.

Do you want to …

Learn tips to start a business, how to find a co-founder, how to raise money and how to run a business?
Gain insight from other entrepreneurs that can help your business succeed?
Learn how-to tips from people who have gone through what you are going through?
Save time and money by learning from other’s mistakes
Be inspired to keep moving forward and staying positive

Join us at for recaps of each interview and resources to help you and your business grow.

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