Welcome to High Performance Living. I’m Ru Anderson, your host, and I wanted to become my best – to look, feel and perform awesome. All day, every day. So I started the High Performance Living podcast. Since then, the show has grown into a global community of driven people – just like you – who want to take full control of their nutrition, training and lifestyle by learning from the worlds leading coaches. My guests include Layne Norton, Dan John, Mike Matthews, Phil Graham, Ben Greenfield, Jon Goodman, Ryan Terry, Fitter Food, as well as other incredible experts who share their passion to becoming our best, for free. Topics range from nutrition, weight loss, bodybuilding, exercise, cooking and career advice to life-hacking. Essentially every aspect of High Performance Living. It’s a podcast for that small percentage of people who are hungry for the best results, who are ready to apply the direction and knowledge they receive. And it’s for those who want effective up-to-date information so they can be confident they’re following the best approach for them. That’s what makes this podcast so special - it is unlike every other ‘fitness’ podcast out there.
We’ll put the urban myths to bed (even those which somehow endure the test of time), and replace them with researched and field tested methods that actually work. You’ll get the hard facts - the stuff that gets results - with no ‘fluff’ or gimmicks. I promise. The HPL podcast is for the motivated, proactive and hard working person who wants cutting-edge and proven nutrition strategies so they can finally achieve the results they deserve. In other words, it’s for you. Welcome to my world - because it’s about to become yours, too. Welcome to High Performance Living. Learn more at http://www.ExceedNutrition.com

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