Roads Untraveled is a space for modified car culture to thrive and ignite in conversation. Marcus Vandenberg and Grayson Ruffo gather around a few of their car-crazy friends to chat about our collective automotive experiences, most of which stem from the videos we film for you guys on Youtube. Ever since our first opportunity to drive a truly fast and frightening car, we've been inspired by the big leagues of automotive video journalism (The Smoking Tire, Motor Trend, Everyday Driver, etc.) to push ourselves in bringing you the best automotive insight on cars we've always dreamed of driving. Coming from a place of youth, awe, and open eyes, every week we bring you an authentic conversation that, at any moment, can take a turn into an off-topic conversation we can all take something away from. Bottom line: we're just friends getting excited about cars! Everything from big-turbo Imports to Supercars, we've got you covered.

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