Please join Marcella and Gabrielle and our hilarious family, friends and exciting guests as we discuss many different subjects from a female perspective with the occasional male guests. We will talk about relationships, dating, sex, parenting, current events (never political or religious), pop culture, plastic surgery, affairs, betrayal, love, comedy, society, culture, lifestyle, romance etc. etc. etc. The purpose is Sassy, Open, Candid, Honest, Funny, and Controversial. It is about making women feel beautiful and about women empowerment, but this is not just a woman based show. Just the opposite. Men actually need to hear a lot of what we are going to talk about. We will have men on the show. We want everyone to feel safe and comfortable to talk about everything and anything. Nothing is off limits. We are not judgmental and are very open. TOO POSH: Classy, Elegant, Stylish, Fancy, Sparkly, Luxurious

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