Jess Bowen and Bowie Jane – established musicians, crossfitters, and best friends who love to chat about EVERYTHING! That’s exactly what Babes Behind the Beats podcast is all about. Jess and Bowie chat about life and all things music, with a particular focus on females working in the music industry, both behind the scenes and on stage. Each week will feature informative and entertaining interviews with musicians/singers, DJ’s, producers, tour managers, photographers, audio engineers, makeup artists and more. Hang out, grab your favorite beverage, and tune in to Jess & Bowie on Babes Behind the Beats podcast every Wednesday on IDOBI RADIO 5pm ET. Need advice about the music industry from Jess & Bowie? Want to hear about their most brutal WOD? Favorite cocktail recipe they whip up when they’re about to settle down in front of the mic? Submit all your burning inquiries to us at twitter on @babesbehindbeat and tune in weekly to see if the babes answer your questions

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