Have you ever felt stuck? Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to speak up, but didn’t? Have you ever wanted to try something new? What held you back? Was it fear or doubt? How do we choose courage in these moments of uncertainty? How can I move from comfort to courage so I can take risks, be open and live boldly? And the biggest question of all, how can I be brave enough to show the world who I am?

Welcome to the Courage Up podcast where those questions and so many more are answered! Week after week, join host Ming Shelby as she brings you strategies for greater fulfillment, success, and happiness in your career, personal development, and relationships. Along with sharing her professional and personal experiences, she asks everyday people to share their stories, hot tips, and lessons on living purposeful lives by leaving comfort and taking action. The power of courage is the opportunity to unlock or unstuck something. This podcast is all about elevating and empowering diverse voices to celebrate progress, not perfection. Expect these genuine and hilarious conversations to be your weekly dose of motivation, inspiration, and encouragement to Courage Up!

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