Do you love fan theories? We do. We love them so much that we called up the creators of your favorite movies to get the inside-story, and confirm or deny the greatest fan theories out there! Our guests include legendary writers and directors like Jack Epps Jr (TOP GUN, TURNER AND HOOCH), Mark Pellington (THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES, ARLINGTON ROAD), Joseph Kosinski (TOP GUN: MAVERICK, OBLIVION, TRON: LEGACY), Michael Miner (ROBOCOP), Adam Green (HATCHET, FROZEN), Hans Bauer (ANACONDA, TITAN A.E.), Jim Fall (THE LIZZIE MCGUIRE MOVIE) and more. We take deep-dive looks at these films, examine fan theories, explore alternate readings, collect facts and trivia, interview the writers and directors, and finally we present our podcast to you! So have a listen and find out once and for all what the movies you love were really about!

Join Hollywood writer Leif Eric and cybersecurity professional Torvald, as we present the most spectacular fan-theories Hollywood has to offer. TV, films, video games, even conspiracy theories! We'll take the stories you think you know, and turn them on their heads!

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