Why can some people dance in public, seemingly immune to the judgement of others?

Can we do things that are objectively probably not the best, like littering, using plastic or eating meat, and justify our actions by big companies doing worse?

What is the best hobby?

You know all those ideas that pop into your head, live rent-free for a while, then disappear? We want to catch those ideas and look beneath the surface. Honestly, we could be called The Debt Collectors. We want to demand that if the ideas refuse to cash up, they at least give some answers.

SPOILER: we‘re not great at our job and they tend to introduce us to their friends, Tangent and ThatRemindsMe, before we get any real answers. But wasn‘t it Kanye who said ”it‘s not the answer, it‘s the fortnightly exploration of the idea that really matters”... I think it was Kanye. Yep, Kanye probably said something like that.

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