Small Business Origins is an engaging podcast series that delves deep into the heart of American entrepreneurship. Every week, our host, John the Marketer, provides an intimate look into the journeys of entrepreneurs and small businesses across the nation, giving listeners a taste of the hard work, passion, and resilience behind every successful enterprise.

Our content ranges from stories of quaint 'mom and pop' shops to those of thriving million-dollar companies, highlighting the diverse spectrum of business landscapes in America. Each episode explores the 'why' behind what these businesses do, uncovering their origins, challenges, triumphs, and the dreams that fuel them. It's not just about business; it's about the human spirit that dares to dream and turn those dreams into reality.

The theme of the podcast is to celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship, to inspire through real-life examples of grit and determination, and to showcase the stories that often go untold, but form the backbone of American economy.

**The views expressed here are solely representative of those stating their opinions and do not necessarily reflect the views of John Kelley or Beefy Marketing. Small Business Origins invites guests to speak of their experience and offer personal opinions on a range of topics, none of which is censored or scripted. Nothing expressed in any episode should be taken as advice for any subject including financial decisions, medical decisions, or life choices. Please consult an appropriate expert if you have questions regarding any topic discussed on the show.**

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