Hey there! Welcome to my little corner of the podcast internet. My name is Tara Counterman and I am the founder of CEO PWR (formerly Profitable Podcast Productions)

Are you sick & tired of creating offers, whether that is coaching, courses or incredible services, that DON’T sell out? Spending hour after hour trying to connect with an audience that seems like they just don’t hear you?

Well that is about to change!

We help incredible online entrepreneurs JUST LIKE YOU to create and market a profitable podcast! Inside this show we are diving into the many different aspects of podcasting...to actually grow your impact & income by fully stepping into your CEO PWR.

Nothing is off the table! And to make it even better it won't just be me! I am bringing in all of my biz besties & fellow industry leaders to help you make the most out of our time together. They are all so gifted in their zone of genius and we will be discussing how you can leverage that into a podcast that actually makes you money.

When I first discovered the world of podcasting I had NO IDEA that people used it to help grow their businesses. I was tuning in week after week clueless to the fact that these business podcasts actually had coaches behind them that could help me in “real life”.

After learning the online space through network marketing, coaching, and being coached by top industry leaders I ultimately landed in the podcasting space myself. Now I get to not only teach entrepreneurs how to DIY their podcast themselves (in a way that ACTUALLY makes them $$$) but I have become the go-to for 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs who want to use their podcast to help sell out their offers.

For more on episodes, blogs, and ways we can help you visit www.ceopwr.com

Let's connect on IG: @ceopwr

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