Rachel Avalon launched her private practice in the healing arts in 2001 and continues to assist people in transforming their health and well-being every day. Her passion and focus is teaching others how to be healthy, happy and green through holistic nutrition and detoxification. As a result, Rachel leads clients straight to the core of what it takes to create short-term and long-term health that is time-tested, scientifically proven, and in harmony with the planet's precious ecosystems. She is based in Los Angeles and works with clients nationwide.

As an expert in vitality, balance, detoxification and green living, Rachel Avalon shares her values and recommendations through magazine articles and interviews, group lectures, local and national shows, and is an emcee for holistic and green events. In a nationwide contest held by Project Green Search, Rachel was selected as the new "it" girl in the Green Revolution. In 2010 she will campaign to raise further awareness for environmental concerns, animal welfare, and other important issues that are represented by the title.

She is certified by the American College of Health Sciences, the California Healing Arts College, IPSP, AAR, and additional institutes and teachers.

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