Ultimate Issues is a podcast dedicated to wrestling with the ultimate issues in life. Inspired by Dennis Prager's journal and radio hour, the Ultimate Issues podcast was created by Dr. Footnick to provide further content for character development and values clarification. To be clear, the Ultimate Issues podcast is not directly associated with Dennis Prager, his show, or Salem Communications. The "ultimate issues" discussed can be broken down into three major and universal categories: Life Issues (ie. relationships, ethics, choices), God Issues (ie. existence, faith, significance), and Values Issues (ie. ego, happiness, money, purpose.) They are the issues, dilemmas, problems, challenges, ideas, and/or topics that are significant and important to peoples’ lives in general. With over two decades as a successful entrepreneur in the health and fitness industry as well as a life long student and coach in mind/body training, Dr. Footnick offers his perspectives and solutions regarding major areas of counsel. Ultimate Issues is not just a self help podcast, nor should one expect it to center around one major topic or area of interest.

The Ultimate Issues podcast is a resource for finding clear, understandable, and applicable content FOR FREE! No gimmicks, no strings, no obligations, no guilt… Really! We just want to give you great content that makes you think (again.) And we want to do it with as few advertisements as possible.

The Ultimate Issues Podcast...

ONE TASK: 3 missions

1. Create Better Individuals (Mindfulness, Happiness, & Integrity)

2. Clarity of Thought (Beyond Stage One Thinking & Towards Intellectual Honesty)

3. Inspire toward Action (Persuade Self and Others towards Goodness and a Meaningful Life)

Ultimate Issues is the podcast focusing on the meaningful conversations (versus meaningless chatter people often engage in). And the content is to be presented in a very mindful and insightful way. While the nature of the topics will often be provocative, the intent of the show is not to maliciously provoke or agitate. Ultimate issues is dedicated to changing people’s lives for the better by dealing with the big issues we all face. Finally, the Ultimate Issues Podcast is committed to helping people empower themselves in order to live their ultimate life, with ultimate integrity, and for the ultimate good.

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