PodcastLand.com is pretty simple in what it does. To that, the privacy policy here is straight forward.

Information that’s collected
You must use your email address to vote for a podcast, so your email address is collected if you vote. The only message that you’ll receive will be the confirmation email. Email addresses are also examined to prevent vote cheating but that doesn’t involve sending another email message.

During the voting process, there’s an option to stay updated on who the winner is. If you opted to get updates, you’ll receive the Podcast Land newsletter which includes winner and other site announces. The newsletter is managed by a 3rd party company called Mail Chimp. Despite the silly name, they’re an industry leader that’s trusted by over a million users to send tens of billions of emails each year. Each email sent using their service has a dead simple, one click, unsubscribe method. To manage the newsletter, email addresses are hosted on the Podcast Land Mail Chimp account. You can read Mail Chimps privacy policy here. Other than that, email addresses are not shared with other 3rd parties.

As you browse the site, various cookies are used to facilitate the experience. Some cookies are set directly by Podcast Land, while others are set by 3rd parties. An examples of a 3rd party would be Google Analytics, a service to help understand the traffic flow on the site. You can see the Google Analytics privacy policy here. Another example would be cookies set by advertising networks placed on the site to help earn money for running Podcast Land.

If you’re concerned about being tracked by cookies, you should use a browser plug-in to block them. Click here for Firefox cookie blockers. Click here for Chrome cookie blockers.

Sharing information
As mentioned above, your personal information is kept private but I may share aggregated, non-personally identifiable information publicly and partners – like publishers, advertisers or connected sites. For example, I may share voting patterns publicly in a blog article to show trends and general use of the site. Of course, total vote counts are publicly visible for each podcast.

If Podcast Land is involved in a merger, acquisition or asset sale, I will continue to ensure the confidentiality of any personal information and give affected users notice before personal information is transferred or becomes subject to a different privacy policy.

Site Security
This site is managed and developed almost exclusively by me, Michael Khalili. However, some work is outsourced to trusted contractors and some code is created by others, like WordPress and its plug-ins. The site is hosted on servers owned by Media Temple, an industry leading hosting company.

Do Not Track
In regards to complying with a California Law asking how this website responds to “Do Not Track” requests, it does not. Do not expect this site to respond to Do Not Track requests. The reason is simply that it’s easier to not comply than to try to comply and fail. I’d rather avoid the regulation than to make a mistake and be penalized. I’m not sure how the other web services comply with DNT requests. Please visit their respective privacy policy pages for more information.

Something missing?
Do you think I missed something here? Let me know in the comments.

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